Teambuilding & Learning



Playing music together for cohesion and learning


Drummers Initiative creates & developes training-programs for 15 years now. We offer a series of useful modules to enhance personal and organisational growth. Examples can be found in themes like leadership, time management and intercultural/international professional communication. Learning about professionally relevant issues in a more or less musical context or environment is challenging, refreshing and very useful. It connects 'thinking' with 'feeling', IQ with EQ.

A Training Program is always created in careful conjunction with the client.


>Participants numbers: 5 to 75 persons

>In conjunction with the client themes & goals are carefully set.

>Methodology, setup and length of program are to be modeled into the perfect training session. From 1 daypart up to 3 full days or beyond.

>This program can be realized at every professional facility in or outside of The Netherlands. DIA has a network of carefully selected, special venues. We gladly mediate for you!

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Percussie workshop

Rhythm for people in organizations

An energyboost for demanding sessions

Recordings of the Percussion Workshop or other rhythm event to extend the experience