The DrumPeople

Performances that combine professionality, creativity, commercial value and incredible impact are the trademark of The DrumPeople. Each assignment is being worked out into a unique visual and musical spectacle.

Specialized in theatrical use of non-musical objects, such as cars (or trucks for that matter), brooms and vacuumcleaners, garbagecans, crates and containers, but also mobile phones, bottles, computers and all kinds of food, The DrumPeople will turn anything into a percussion instrument.

The flexibility is beyond belief. Each DrumPeople artist is not just a percussionist, he/she is carefully selected on vocal, physical and performance abilities. The client is even free to turn him or her into cabdriver, policeman, nurse, factoryworker or whatever is appropriate to create a memorable moment during any company event.

Mankind beats matter with the DrumPeople...

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