Rhythm&Fun Percussion Workshop

Rhythm for teamevents

Content and effect The Rhythm&Fun Percussion Workshop is a friendly priced and extremely effective activity, great for teambuilding and -refreshment.

The concept of this workshop is to create and develop teamspirit by playing music together. You learn about rhythm, the intensity, the hard work, the trance and the collective achievement.

Every instrument fulfills an essential role in the orchestra.

By playing rhythms together and reflecting on the musical communication the dynamics of a group will be positively influenced.

Providing a simultaneously enjoyable yet intense way of discovering your common rhythm, the percussion workshop stimulates the sense of collectiveness within your company.


>Participants number flexible, from 10 to 1000 persons.

>Tuning in consult with client.

>Maximum time 60 minutes

>Can be held anywhere, in- and exterior. DIA manages several suitable studios in the Centre of Amsterdam and has a network of professional facilities in- and outside of The Netherlands.

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Reactions (kopie 1)

"Please allow me to express my thanks for the organisation and flawless execution of your performance at our cross-Atlantic meeting."
Shell International BV (in coll. with Event Design)

"Dear Franc, We all enjoyed the workshop so much! Very appropriate in the setting of our conference. Thanks for the energy!"
ING Group

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Recordings of the Percussion Workshop or other rhythm event to extend the experience