Rhythm Energizer

An energyboost for demanding sessions

Conventions and conferences can be demanding occasions, requiring long periods of attention and deliberation. Have everyone take part in a 10-minute rhythm break under the guidance of our trainers! The result is astonishing!

The Energizer sessions are physical, active moments, making ample use of innovative group techniques such as body percussion, clapping and singing and have two main objectives: to make people have fun and to reboost the energy levels of everyone.

After an Energizer session, participants (re)discover mental and physical abilities, regain their intellectual focus and have their biorhythm reorganized.

These sessions are inserted into specific moments within the convention schedule and follow the logical flow of the event, providing for amazing results in a very short amount of time.

Using the exact combination of entertaining percussion and dynamic interaction, the Energizer sessions get a whole convention floor ready for action.


>Participants number extremely flexible, from 50 to 5000 persons and beyond.

>Content and themes are processed in consult with client.

>Timeschedule: 5-20 minutes

>Can be held anywhere, in- and exterior. From boardroom to stadium.

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An eggshaker as main subject for a rhythmsession. The instruments can be printed with your logo and a text of your choice.

The RhythmCentre - Talk Drums, Think Different
The RhythmCentre - Talk Drums, Think Different

[Translate to English:] Originele hoogwaardige instrumentjes als souvenir of relatiegeschenk!